20,000 members Giveaway

The form is no longer open for entries into the giveaway. See the winners here.

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There are 0 people entered in the giveaway.

Probability of winning any prize: 10/0 = ~INF%
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Probability of winning plat. prize: 1/0 = ~INF%
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Probability of winning gold prize: 2/0 = ~INF%
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Probability of winning silver prize: 3/0 = ~INF%
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Probability of winning bronze prize: 4/0 = ~INF%

Platinum tier - 3 keys
Gold tier - 1 key
Silver tier - 8 ref
Bronze tier - 4 ref

Donate metal or keys to the giveaway by adding or sending a trade offer to this account. Winners will also be added by this bot, so do not block it!

Cloaker Smoker
Michael Stockdale
Kim Cool
Sgt. Medic

I hope you all enjoy this giveaway! There may be another one once we reach 25,000 members.
View more information on the giveaway here.

Giveaway hosted by James Shiffer.