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  • 工业大风扇安全吗?
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1 ) 风扇与建筑结构之间通过万向节连接,降低振动和位移传递给建筑结构;

2 ) 风扇轮毂单元设置防脱落结构;

3 ) 安装支架和钢梁之间安装钢丝保险绳,防止意外脱落;

4 ) 每个扇叶都装设有L 型安全链接扣,防止叶片单独断落;

5 ) 模具轴套设计防止旋转底盘意外滑落;

6 ) 所有紧固件均装设防松自锁螺母和齿形防落垫;

7 ) 钢丝牵引拉索防止风扇受外力影响而晃动;

8 ) 整机通过安全认证和检测,企业通过CQC、ISO9001、SCS 认证;

Industrial fans are very safe

Why is industrial fan safe?

1) the fan is connected with the building structure through a universal joint to reduce the vibration and displacement transmitted to the building structure;

2) the fan hub unit is provided with an anti falling structure;

3) install steel wire safety rope between mounting bracket and steel beam to prevent accidental falling off;

4) each blade is equipped with L-type safety link buckle to prevent the blade from breaking separately;

5) the design of the mould shaft sleeve prevents the rotating chassis from slipping accidentally;

6) all fasteners shall be equipped with locknut and tooth shaped anti falling pad;

7) the steel wire traction cable shall prevent the fan from shaking under the influence of external force;

8) the whole machine has passed safety certification and testing, and the enterprise has passed CQC, ISO9001 and SCS certification;