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  • 怎么样防止工业风扇生锈
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24k看球网平时不准用手或是比较潮湿的物体接触工业风扇的工作表面,以免引起工业风扇表面生锈。在使用期间,把工业风扇挑选一个合适的地方来存放。 不要管他是经常使用的工业风扇的量规还是不经常使用的量规,都要定期进行外部检查,看有没有损伤、锈蚀或变形。假如,发现量规开始生锈,应及时放进汽油内浸泡一段时间,再取出仔细擦干净,并涂上防锈油。




How to prevent industrial fans from rusting
We usually do not use hands or relatively humid objects to contact the working surface of the industrial fan, so as not to cause rust on the industrial fan surface. During use, select a suitable place for industrial fans to store. Regardless of whether he is a gauge of a used industrial fan or a gauge used infrequently, external inspections are conducted regularly to see if there is any damage, rust or deformation. If the gauge begins to rust, it should be soaked in gasoline for a period of time, then removed and carefully cleaned, and coated with rust-resistant oil.
First, do not place the precision industrial fan near the magnetic field, such as the magnetic work table of the grinder, so as not to make the industrial fan magnetic.
Second, when there are abnormal phenomena in the current precision industrial fans, such as uneven surfaces, burrs, rust spots, inaccurate scales, bending and deformation of the ruler body, and immobility, the user should not remove and repair it on his own. It is also not allowed to use rough methods such as hammer knocking, file file, and sand cloth to repair, so as not to increase the industrial fan error. When the above situation is discovered, the user should take the initiative to send the metering station for overhaul and continue to use it after verifying the accuracy of the industrial fan.
Third, after the use of industrial fans such as marble industry fans, they should be wiped off in a timely manner. Except for stainless steel industrial fans or protected coatings, the metal surface should be coated with a layer of rust-resistant oil, placed in a special box, and kept in a dry place to avoid rust..